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Below are some of the communities we support:

Welcome to Youthtown Inc

Youthtown is a nationally operated, not-for-profit organisation offering a whole 'township' of developmental activity in key communities across New Zealand for 5-18 year olds.

Since 1932, we have been empowering young New Zealanders to be the best they can be and we have evolved into one of New Zealand's leading youth development organisations.

Young people's journey with Youthtown, alongside their schooling, supplements the learning and development they receive - all of which is tonnes of fun with their peers.

We are highly regarded for the programmes we offer young people and we're committed to providing a safe environment where young New Zealanders can 'dream it, do it' with Youthtown, the Youthtown Way.

Please read the following information:

As a youth focused Organisation, our priority is supporting youth in our Communities. For your Application to have a higher chance of success, you must include details in your cover letter, on how the youth in your Community will benefit from your Project/reason for applying. This could include but not be limited to;

(1) the number of youth attending/involved/or who may benefit

(2) their age range; 

whether Directly - Eg: youth Team members for a Team Sport Application

or Indirectly - Eg: salary costs for a role working with youth. (The Application needs to show how many youth the role is working with, their age range and regions they are from).


Internet Browsers to use while applying: You may use any of the browsers listed below for making your application:

  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 9 (or higher)

Note: If you are having problems uploading documents, please make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player which you can get by visiting

Criteria for applying: Before making your application, please review the criteria for being able to apply for a grant and the list of material that requires uploading and all relevant information needed to complete your application. This is all contained in the FAQ's. To view, please click on the FAQ's in the application toolbar above.

Saving and leaving your application: You may leave your application at any stage, and by clicking the Save and Next Page button on any page, your application will be saved.

Re-entering your application: You may re-enter your application at any time using the return link that will be sent to you by email once you have entered your email details in the application.

Tracking your application: Once you have submitted your application, you may track its progress, add other users to your account, amend your details, and make more applications by using the applicant portal login at the top of the application tool bar above.

Confirmation of receipt: Once your application has been submitted, we will send you a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of the application and inform you when your application will be considered.

Types/Forms of ID required: For question(s) that request copies of ID from Signatories, please upload a copy of a signatories Driver's License or Passport so the signature is visible.

We have 11 rounds of Grants funding per year

  • The Net Proceeds Committee meets monthly except for January (eleven times per year)
  • The Grants Meeting is generally held on the last Wednesday of the month.


  • Applications submitted online between the first and the last day of the month are seen at the following months Grants Meeting. Please see the closing dates below.
  • Approved Grant Applications are paid 7–10 days after the Grants Meeting. Please apply early so that funding is received in time for your Event/costs that occur within a week after the Grants Meeting.

All Applications MUST be submitted online with supporting documentation uploaded. Incomplete Applications will not be considered. 

Please see the FAQ's link and the How to Apply guide for the documentation required. 


Opening Date:                  Closing Date:                            Seen at this month's Grants Meeting:

1 February 2019                28 February 2019                 27 March 2019 (for costs after the 27/3/19)

1 March 2019                     31 March 2019                     1 May 2019 (for costs after the 1/5/19)

1 April 2019                        30 April 2019                       29 May 2019 (for costs after the 29/5/19)

1 May 2019                         31 May 2019                       26 June 2019 (for costs after the 26/6/19)

1 June 2019                        30 June 2019                      31 July 2019 (for costs after the 31/7/19)

1 July 2019                         31 July 2019                        28 August 2019 (for costs after the 28/8/19)

1 August 2019                    31 August 2019                   25 September 2019 (for costs after the 25/9/19)

1 September 2019              30 September 2019            30 October 2019 (for costs after the 30/10/19)

1 October 2019                   31 October 2019                 27 November 2019 (for costs after the 27/11/19) 

1 November 2019               20 November 2019             11 December 2019 (for costs after the 11/12/19)

21 November 2019             31 January 2020                 26 February 2020 (for costs after the 26/2/2020)


* Grant Applications submitted monthly must be for costs starting after the Grants Meeting date.

Eg: Applications submitted between the 1st - 28th February 2019, must be for Events/costs that occur AFTER the 27th March 2019. Events/costs requested in this round that take place before the March Grants Meeting will be retrospective and declined.  



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